The Truth About Suboxone Use and Addiction

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Suboxone is an opiate drug that is designed to help addicts but can become a separate problem if taken too long or abused. Opiate detox is necessary to begin the process of drug rehab and to break the addiction. Below are a few of the facts about Suboxone and how to become addiction-free.

What is Suboxone?

Suboxone is a drug that is used to minimize withdrawal symptoms when getting off of opiates such as heroin. They are taken for a short-term preferably, but this can extend into years if the client never makes the final push to get completely opiate free. Suboxone is an as well and is equally addictive. As frustrating as it seems, trading one opiate for another ends up the result.

Proper Use of Suboxone Can Still Lead to Addictions

Suboxone might be a medication that is prescribed by a doctor for specific purposes, but this type of medicine can become addictive even with proper use. The doctor can gradually decrease the dose, but coming entirely off the drug will still cause uncomfortable withdrawal. Numerous recovering addicts find that they have to reenter treatment to get clear of the Suboxone. Complete detox is the only way to be genuinely drug-free.

Street Purchased Suboxone

Any person that has not been a user of opiates will find the nearly instant high from street purchase and use incredibly addictive. There is a misconception on the street that Suboxone is a safer opiate to use than heroin, but this is not the case. Extended use and abuse of this drug can lead to heroin use, internal organ damage or failure, and overdose. No opiate is considered safe to take, primarily if you do not have a prescription for the medication. The legal penalties for possessing this drug without a prescription can be hefty.

Opioid Withdrawal

As with any opioid drug, Suboxone withdrawal can lead to nausea, vomiting, and severe stomach cramping. Agitation, irritability, headaches, difficulty sleeping, and depression are typical during withdrawal stages. Detox using professional medical assistance is the preferred method. Suboxone might be a milder opiate compared to heroin, but it still carries nasty withdrawal symptoms that make home detox impossible. You will be glad you entered a treatment center once the symptoms of withdrawal begin. Withdrawal symptoms can start as soon as a few hours after your last dosage. Try and plan to enter treatment accordingly.

Health Ramifications for Heroin Addicts Abusing Suboxone

The use of Suboxone in opiate treatment is a double-edged sword of sorts. This milder opiate allows for an added comfort level to the addict that is breaking a heroin addiction. The continued addiction to a milder opiate may fuel a desire to step up use at a later date. To increase the dosage, the recovering heroin addict will have to seek sales of Suboxone on the street. The levels needed to get a similar high to heroin use can take a considerable toll the body. This drug can quickly tear down organs and leave you in poor health.

Breaking Free of Suboxone Use

Breaking free of the use of Suboxone is what most recovering heroin addicts want at some stage of their recovery process. Detox is the necessary first step. The rehab process begins once the Suboxone disappears from the system . Since this medication is a stage down drug for heroin, no further administration of opiates will be necessary. The healthy recovering heroin addict should respond well to this stage of treatment.

Regain Financial Freedom and Shake Addiction

One of the biggest drawbacks to the continued use of Suboxone is the hefty price tag. Picking up a Suboxone habit is expensive. Recovering heroin addicts often end up going into financial troubles due to the high cost incurred by this prescription. Recreational users of this drug will find that the street costs for Suboxone are higher than most other drugs. The false sense of it being a safe opiate has them coming back for more every day. Breaking this addiction is one way to keep more money in your pocket and keep from completely wrecking your health.

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