Noticeable benefits of Anadrol on its users

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Anadrol is regarded as a powerful anabolic-androgenic steroid that is also known by names, Oxymetholone, A-bombs and A50. This drug is ranked as one among the finest steroids for red blood cells counts and protecting joints during your intense workouts or under heavy loads. This 17alpha-alkylated compound is medically recommended to treat health conditions like osteoporosis and anemia. This medication is also recommended to motivate muscle growth in malnourished and underdeveloped patients. This drug is classed as a Schedule III compound that gets detected over a time period of 6-8 monthsand consists of an active life of almost 14-16 hours.

This medication constitutes magnesium stearate, lactose, provideone, starch and the chief ingredient present is Oxymetholone. Numerous bodybuilders and athletes take steroids with a purpose to improve their build and performance and this medication is no exception. But it is mandatory to know the difference of dosage levels taken by bodybuilders and the medically recommended dosages. However, the outcomes you expect from these pills are important too as every person will not achieve similar outcomes. This medication is hugely available via black-market resources and gets produced in underground labs, chiefly in Central Europe, South America and Asia which is why you will find this medication in low price per pill in India.

Recommended dosage levels

Most of the people who use this medication take 50mg daily which is considered the standard dosage. This dosage is perfect for a novice user as well as experienced users as this dosage is sufficient to aid you in gaining weight quickly and to generate mass. If you follow this dosage you will be able to increase your weight by almost 20lbs in around 4 weeks. Though 50mg is the common dosage yet some users take a 25mg dose. A beginner should take 50mg of this medication daily from week 1-6. If you take halfof one 50mg tablet daily then also you will be getting the benefits minus side effects.

Consuming 25mg dosage daily will help you to control mass gains when you will accompany it with an exercise regimen and a proper diet. In fact, lower dosages turn out to be great for users’ cutting cycles, particularly when they are preparing for a bodybuilding competition. Sometimes, people find it tough keeping control over water retention while using this medication but when they take a lower dosage like 25mg then it becomes easier for them to control it. Moreover, if you can tolerate a dosage of 25-50mg daily then you can gradually increase the dosage. Few bodybuilders take around 75-100mg daily but a higher dosage than 100mg isn’t recommended.

Purchasing this medication

You can purchase this medication with or without equipped with a medical transcription in various forms, like pills, capsules and injections. However, you are always recommended to purchase it from a trustworthy steroid pharmacy which specializes in lawful anabolic steroids as well as performance enhancing compounds. Additionally, you can also obtain this compound from the black market. The costs do vary as various factors play important roles, like your place of staying and the form you decide to buy. As this medication is hugely available in Asia, users get this product in low price per pill in India.

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