All you need to know about dust mite pillow covers

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It is a fact that an adult person can shed up to 2 grams of dead skin on a daily basis.  To the typical dust mite, this is fantastic news as they feed on dead skin primarily. They also happen to live right in your mattress. If this fact disgusts you then you’ll know why there is a growing demand for dust mite pillow covers as they are your only line of defense against these pesky critters!

Some facts you may not know about dust mites

It is impossible eliminate dust mites completely. This is a fact which applies no matter where you are because they are too microscopic to see and there can be millions of them in any one location.

Most often found in places where people and animals live and where there is a lot of moisture in the air.

Do dust mite pillow covers work?

You should know that there has been a lot of research conducted on dust mite pillow covers to try and see just how effective they are against dust mite. The results have all been positive and thanks to that, people are now having to suffer less symptoms when they lie their heads down on their dust mite pillow covers.

It is very common to find dust mite pillow covers as well as for your bolsters and mattresses due to their high demand in the market from people who are constantly suffering from allergy attacks. You are free to pick and choose the kind of material you want that suits you the best because they all serve the same function just as.

Some of the most highly sought after types of covers include plastic and vinyl which are great because they come with zippers that help to seal in any allergens or dustmites. Not only that but they are also very easy to remove and washed. You could also try to keep your house as clean as possible and take you’re your mattress or pillows to wash every once in a while. Hot water and detergent are great at killing and cleaning the dust mites so you should definitely do that.

The one thing you should note is that when you first purchase your dust mite pillow covers fresh from the store, this will be the only time they won’t be inhabited by dust mites. So take this opportunity to do your best to protect them so that you ensure yourself a few restful nights.

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