Must Try Jammu and Kashmir Hiking Trails

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Trekking is quite an effective way to reach places which are usually not accessible through roads. It is an activity which usually good on for a long period of time. It consists of long walks, short walks, walking through the terrain and appreciating the beauty of the place. Kashmir has few very exciting trails which are often veered into by trekking enthusiasts and the adventurous souls out there

Sonamarg Trek 

Sonamarg is often referred to as the “Golden Meadow”. It serves as an excellent base for sports such as trekking in Jammu and Kashmir. It is one of the most popular destinations and is frequently visited by tourists especially during the summer season. The starting point of this illustrious trail consists of various mountain lakes like Kishansar, Gadsar, Gangabai, and Vishansar among the others. Some of the areas such as Vishan Sar, which is around 12000 feet while the Krishansar which is at a standing height of a whopping 12500 feet.

Gulmarg Trek

Gulmarg serves a brilliant base for trekking in the Pir Panjal Range which is in the Northern range if the Himalayas. Khilanmarg which is situated at a height of 1500 feet and lies in the Western direction of Gulmarg. The Pir Panjal Range is a pretty steep range and therefore the trek can at times be difficult owing to the challenging geography. You can click here to find out more about the Gulmarg Trek and the other exciting trails that adorns the Jammu and Kashmir.

Zanskar Valley Trek 

It is situated at an altitude of 3500-7000 meters. It is a very impressive trekking point in the map of Jammu and Kashmir. This place is scantily populated an is an isolated place. You can find the perfect combination of calm and serenity along with the perfect slice of scenic beauty to transport you to a whole different world. Trekking on the ‘frozen Zanskar River’ in the winters while traveling through the ‘Chadar trail’ can prove to be an experience to be cherished for the lifetime.

Jammu and Kashmir are often referred to as the ‘heaven on earth’ and everybody who has been lucky enough to be there, couldn’t agree more. Trekking through these beautiful valleys among the grandeur of the Himalayas can truly be an experience of a lifetime. So click here to know more about these exciting tour packages for Jammu and Kashmir and revel in its beauty, excitement, and adventure to achieve your once in a lifetime experience.

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