How to Look For a Job At 50

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Are you currently looking for a job? If you are 50 years old and you are unemployed, it is probably costing you a bit to find the offer that best suits your profile and needs. With the crisis, many adults have been dismissed from their old jobs, causing a large number of people over 40 without work.

Governments and states have implemented bonus campaigns for companies to increase their workforce in this regard, but nevertheless, there are still a large number of workers at home without having the opportunity to develop their occupation or receive a decent salary. If this is your case, we invite you to read the following article of a How we tell you how to look for work at 50 indicating different tricks and tips to help you get it.

Steps to follow:

1   First of all, if you want to look for a job at 50 you should change the chip a bit. That is, if you have always worked on the same thing and with specific conditions, it may be difficult for you to adapt to new offers and other proposals that are a bit more precarious. But the first thing you have to keep in mind is that times have changed and, nowadays, after the crisis there are many jobs with less safe working conditions than a few years ago.

For this reason, be flexible, adapt to the new social conditions that exist and open your mind to try new sectors, learn new skills and, thus, expand your professional knowledge. We are not telling you that if you were an administrative person, now you start cleaning houses, but that, within the same sector, you are willing to try new jobs or tasks, such as commercial and administration, customer service, and so on.

2 If you are currently out of work, it is a good opportunity to update your knowledge, investigate your work sector and see what new paths you are moving through. Many times, when we are working, we hardly have time or energy to view our work externally and analyze its possible evolution or have a broader vision. But now you can do it and, above all, you can focus on the technological possibilities that exist today and, sure, that did not exist when you started working.

The world of the Internet, web pages, social networks and even mobile applications are the future of any business that currently exists, so get up to date with its operation and start to manage it and research. All knowledge is welcome!

3   Related to the above we are now going to give you more than favorable advice to look for work at 50: have presence on the Internet. Nowadays if you are not in the networks it is as if you did not exist and not only on a personal level but also on a professional level. Many companies, before hiring someone, the “Google”, that is, put their name on Google to see what information can get extra from that person and decide whether or not a good candidate for the position.


For this reason, using professional tools such as LinkedIn is a safe bet to highlight your professional profile since you publicly post your Curriculum Vitae but, in addition, you can also have recommendations from former colleagues, join professional interest groups to continue learning, etc. Being on LinkedIn is, today, almost essential, therefore, in this article of How we tell you how to set up your profile on LinkedIn.

4    In addition to being up-to-date with technological advances and being present on the Internet, we also recommend that while you are in the process of looking for a job you choose to continue training and, thus, growing as a professional. There are more and more specialized courses to be able to provide people who are unemployed with new resources and tools that make them stand out and grow in the workplace; In fact, in the INEM there is a wide variety of courses for the unemployed that are responsible for working and developing specific skills such as, for example, time management, the use of social networks, and so on.

If you are looking for something more centralized in you, you should also know that there are multiple online or face-to-face courses that can help you expand your knowledge and, thus, be up-to-date. When doing a job interview, there is nothing better than that the recruiter sees that you are very motivated to work and that you are actively learning new skills to be better in your profession.

5   If you are going to look for a job at 50, you have to value an aspect that stands out from the rest: your great experience. Currently, many companies are full of young people and people with a lot of knowledge but without previous experience who develop the tasks, however, within the processes of selection of new candidates the work career is something that is valued and much!

So take advantage of that advantage you have in front of your “competitors” explaining in detail in your CV all those important and interesting projects in which you have participated. It highlights, if it is the case, the results obtained thanks to your work and demonstrates your knowledge and capacity of work. You do not have to detail it too much, but it does show a summary of all your extensive experience, it’s a great point in your favor!

6 Once you’re ready to start looking for a job, it’s time to get down to work. Where to start? You should know that there are websites specializing in job offers for adults (over 40, over 50, etc.) so it’s a good idea to start here. But if you do not finish finding the offer that best suits you, another tool is to go to the most popular employment websites and, there, take advantage of the filters that they themselves have since one of them is their age.

Another valid option is to go to temporary employment agencies (ETT) to deliver your CV and to get in touch with you every time you get an offer adapted to your profile and your age. It is a way to be able to look for work easily without having to be day by day sending résumés.

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