A Guide to the Best Holiday Gifts for Women

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Every year the time comes when all of my friends are scrambling for gifts for their loved ones. It seems like no one is ever sure what to get their wife, girlfriend, mother, or daughter. I guess if you are a guy, figuring out what a woman wants can be kind of difficult. At the end of the day, we all want to be made to feel special, like you put some thought into the present that you buy. There are some very typical ideas, like diamonds, or flowers, which are great. Don’t get me wrong, most women will be happy with diamonds or flowers, throw some chocolate in there and you really have yourself a great gift. However, even if you go this route, you can be creative about it. If you are struggling for ideas for what to get the special lady in your life, look no further. Here is a great list to get you started

A Special Day of Shopping

If your lady loves fashion, she is probably a fan of Saks Fifth Avenue. Even if she has never been before, especially if she has never been before, this can be a dream come true. Around the holiday season, Fifth Avenue is lit up with window displays at all the fancy stores. Each of the windows is dressed up like a scene out of a movie with ornate detail and a theme that alternates each year. Saks is one of the major players in this tradition and will have their windows set up by the end of November if not before. A great gift idea would be a trip to New York City to see the window displays on Fifth Avenue, before taking her inside for a little shopping.

A Subscription Service

If you have not caught on to this trend I suggest you take a minute to browse the internet to see all the different types of services that are offered. No matter what your lady is interested in, there is a subscription service for it. The themes range from fashion to coffee to wine, you can sign up for a sample of almost anything monthly. The way that these services work is pretty simple. You sign up online and pay a monthly or yearly fee to be part of this club. Every month, you will get a box contains your sample for that month. Sometimes, depending on the service, it is a bunch of sample products, and sometimes it is one thing like a bottle of wine. Either way, you have an opportunity to try something new every month.

Flowers with a Twist

Instead of buying the normal bouquet of flowers, you can surprise your lady with something a little more creative. First of all, flowers die in a pretty short amount of time, even though they are beautiful when they arrive, it is only a matter of days before they lose their luster. Avoid this problem with a potted plant. You can choose a flowering plant that already has a few blossoms blooming to have that same bright cheery effect a bouquet would.


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