Can lymphoma be cured?

According to the healthcare professionals, there exist various types of lymphomas. Hence, the curability aspect of each and every case is said to vary. If lymphoma is identified at a very early stage, then the cure rate can be much higher. But overall cure rate is quite high among both women and men with regards to all lymphomas.

Cure rates based upon detection stage

The following given is the cure rate:

  • Localized: Found in just a single location and not metastasized. It accounts for about 38% of every case, with the five year survival rate being 82.1%.
  • Distant (with occurrence of Metastasis): 45% of every lymphoma cases have been found to be of this variety. The five year survival rate is found to be 59.9%.
  • Regional: It spread so the lymph’s regional nodes: The cure rate is 77.5% and this type is said to be accounted for about 19 with regards to every lymphoma case.
  • Unknown (Unstaged): The cure rate is about 67.5% that accounts for 8% of all cases.

Lymphoma treatment cost in India is quite affordable thus making it possible for patients suffering from this type to get the best possible treatment. NHL (Non-Hodgkin lymphoma) is found to be of different types and hence, the possibility to get the most appropriate cure is said to be dependent upon the specific diagnosis. The professionals also are state that NHL’s same sub type, prognosis could be different. Even those people having well categorized lymphoma case, the survival time and rate can be tough to be guessed.

Is it possible for everyone to get proper cure from lymphoma?

There are several factors that is said to be impact cure rates. Here, the answer can be termed to be a big yes and no. this is because, cure rates will completely depend upon the type of lymphoma that the person is affected with, the stage he is in, lymphoma grade, the patient’s general health, response received towards treatment provided and some luck.

For those faced with fast developing lymphoma types (for instance, diffused large B-cell lymphoma), using combination chemotherapy, it is possible to resolve potentially the lymphoma. But those people having early relapse or responding poorly to treatment, lymphoma could be quite deadly within short time period. With regular chemo, slowly growing lymphomas have been found to be incurable. But still, the patients will be able to live for several years. With advanced treatment and low lymphoma cost in India procedures, the patients do have better survival chance today than what it was few years before.

How to treat the specific type of lymphoma will be entirely based upon observing closely the patient and to view the progress of the disease. This way, an approximate action course can be taken to provide timely treatment.

There are also many who are eager to know if lymphoma can be cured with radiation, chemotherapy, bone marrow transplants, surgery, etc. The physicians will first take several tests to find out if any one procedure or all of them can be used for the treatment process.

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